Discover the New Sensation of Vegetarianism

“Regal Lotus” is named after the chairman’s mother in honor of her hardship rearing him. We present the divine dishes through extremely skillful craft. Here, Regal Lotus treats every diner with the best delicacy and the most sincere service.



  Vegetarianism resonates with eco-sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. We wish to let more people enjoy a worry-free vegetarian lifestyle with a variety of exquisite cuisine.


Monthly new menu

  We hope to provide every diner with new experience whenever they come to Regal Lotus. Thus, we work hard to introduce a new menu every month.

Classic Dish Diversified Dining Experience

  Regal Lotus serves cuisines from all around the world. It varies from Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Hong Kong to exquisite western pastry. On top of that, we also provide up to 200 types of dishes like salad bar, soupe aux champignons, mellow ice-drip coffee, Häagen-Dazs ice cream to name a few.


Our Vision

Become the largest, best, healthiest, most eco-friendly, positive thinking vegetarian brand in the world!
Best: Professional, Earnest, High Quality
Healthy: Natural, Nutrient, Delicacy
Eco-friendly: Contribution, Love, Gratitude
Positive: Passion, Right Knowledge, Right Mindfulness, Right Aspiration

Our Style

We provide diner with the best, most exquisite, delicious, various vegetarian cuisine..

Our Belief


We only serve with top-notch and fresh ingredients

We believe customers are the foundation of our business and we treat diners with the excellent craft in the industry.

Kitchen Crew

Chef Director

C-J Ker

Chef Director

Visit us at least once a month Meat-less Fashion

Taking a vegetarian lifestyle makes you healthy and attractive. To many youngsters, instead of keeping dairy products, eggs or meat at bay, they decide to follow the principle of having more vegetable and less meat. These people do not label themselves as a vegetarian, but they transit into “vegetable meals” with ease. Vegetable meals do not simply mean a food choice, but a conscious selection of a higher value lifestyle. The transformation on diet and lifestyle reflects modern contemplation on the environment and animal rights.

Regal Lotus wishes everyone to lift the burden off the Earth by having a “Meatless Monday.”

Japanese cuisine chef

W-Y Chen

Japanese cuisine chef
Italian cuisine chef

X-C Lin

Italian cuisine chef